Valmont Brand LogoThe history of the brand began in 1905 with the advent of the Valmont Health and Beauty Clinic in Montreux, on the shores of Leman, a magical lake of Geneva. The clinic became a true legend of Europe – Georges Simenon, Coco Chanel, Rainer Maria Rilke, Ingrid Bergman became its regular visitors.

This clinic has developed a unique cellular procedure that underlies the legendary Valmont ingredient – a triple DNA molecule that can repair even the most serious skin lesions and disorders.

Innovative developments in the field of cellular cosmetics have become a hallmark of Valmont products and procedures. In 1985, Valmont’s first products appeared on sale. One of the first products – the Renewing Pack mask still, 30 years later, remains the bestseller of the brand worldwide and is included in the protocol of many Valmont procedures.

Today, Valmont Clinic and the same-name skin care are developing completely independently of each other, but Valmont, strictly following the traditions of Swiss medicine, is a unique alliance of sophistication and the highest effectiveness of anti-aging care.